“BM S-8” Cabinet Smoker/Cooker/Warmer

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Charcoal/wood powered Cabinet Smoker/Cooker BM S-8 

BM S-8 can low and slow and hot and fast cook/smoke and also can be used for cold smoking. It is made with four (4) cooking racks and  with a stainless steel pan to be used as a removable water/drip pan, this allows you to use BM S-8 as a water smoker, a dry smoker,cold smoker or even a roasting or warming oven, with a perfect capacity for catering, commercial use,BBQ competition, back yard use, etc…

 The BM S-8 is an extremely versatile cooking/smoking machine. No matter what it is you want to cook outdoors or indoors, it can be achieved with the BM S-8. The smoker has 2″ pipe on the firebox door to connect the pit controller(air blower/fan).

Overall dimensions of the smoker: 

High: 128cm    (including the chimney stack and casters wheels)

Width: 60cm   

Depth : 65cm    (71cm including door handle)

Weight: 230KG

Includes four (4)cooking racks:  52cm x 56cm

13 cm space between the shelves

Smoker made in 4mm thick steel plate.

  • Cold smoking cheese, fish etc.
  • Jerky drying
  • BBQ Jerk Chicken
  • Slow cooked barbecue (pulled pork, brisket, ribs,chicken etc.)
  • Baking  beans, stews and desserts
  • Roasting meats and vegetables

     Holds approx. 

  • 16 Pork butts or
  • 16-24 Racks lie down spare ribs or
  • 24-32 Racks of Baby Backs
  • 8 Small brisket flats or
  • 4 Whole packer briskets or
  • 16-20 Chicken halves or
  • 60-80 Chicken thighs

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