“BMT-3” BBQ Train Trailer (Extra Large)

15,355.00 ex VAT

This stand is a real eye catcher

BBQ Train Trailer

It’s a Extra Large size BBQ Train trailer completed with reverse flow Smoker, Grill and Warmer

It’s a unique portable commercial sized Extra Large barbecue Trailer with enormous grilling and smoking space, unique own ancient Locomotive Train design. The BBQ Train is a fully-functional mobile cooking machine, complete with separate grilling chamber, reverse flow Smoker and warmer at the back(in the cabin) . This versatile setup lets you smoke and grill at the same time. The BBQ train made from heavy-gauge steel, so it’s armed for durability, finished in a heat resistant paint and looks smart and sophisticated.

This really has everything you need for family business to use for private parties, corporate events, music festivals, country shows and even BBQ rental stores.

Extra Large BBQ Train trailer included reverse flow Smoker, Grill and Warmer


Features and Benefits

  • All new 3-5mm rolled plate steel body with all new components.
  • Fireboxes constructed of 5mm plate steel.
  • Trailer has 14″ alloy wheels
  • All pull-out food cooking racks made of square tubing and heavy mesh 
  • Firebox comes with pull out fuel basket made of reinforced steel rods(12mm thickness)
  • Easy To Use
  • Easy To Clean
  • Heats Up Fast
  • Even Cooking Temperature
  • Guaranteed Results

Please ask for availability and estimate delivery time before purchase!

Product specification
Smoking chamber: 170cm long and 70cm in diameter , comes with three(3) cooking racks and drip tray.
Smoker are equipped with two 2.5" dial stainless steel easy-read temperature gauges.
Overall dimensions of the Train: Length: 4.5m , Height: 2,1m and Width: 1,7m
Weight: 1380 KG
Firebox: 60cm x 60cm x 55cm

Contact information:

Mobile: WhatsApp: +44 7830310848


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03184 Torrevija, Alicante, Spain