“BM G-1 Plus” Argentine Grill (NEW)

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BMG-1PLUS assembly instructions(PDF)


Latest upgrades:  Argentine Grill   BM G-1 Plus, the latest version now with the stainless steel cooking grate and heat resistant powder coat finish!


It’s an ultimate wood/charcoal burning grill pit for home and small catering business use. These Argentine barbecue grills feature heavy-duty black steel and Stainless steel construction for authentic Argentine style cooking, and a traditional sloped Argentine style angle stainless steel grill grate with a catch tray. It’s made to fit on a brick-lined base: floor, pit, hole, etc. Argentine Grills are designed to allow close temperature control during grilling, also channel fat away from the fire to a drip pan preventing flareups that damage the flavor of the meat. The V-shaped grilling grates channel the meat and vegetable’s juices into a catch tray. Low and slow cooking or a quick-burning sear, is all up to you because you’re in complete control with the ability to raise and lower the grilling surface with a simple rotation of the grill crank wheel. Argentine Grills can be used with charcoal or wood. Wood offers the best flavor to grilled meats. It also provides optimal heat that lasts longer than charcoal.


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Product specification
Heavy duty square tubing frame (base) 52cm depth x 98cm wide (slide the images to view the drawing)
Total weight 45KG
Grilling area 40 x 88cm
Warming Shelf 21 x 65cm
3mm steel thickness V-shape cooking grate(stainless steel 304 grade)
Heavy duty square tubing frame 3cm x 3cm
The grate can be raised 40cm
Removable stainless steel juice/grease/fat catching tray
Crank wheel with extended wheel bar (30cm long), that means it can be fitted from the outside of the side wall, etc...(long enough)
Finish; powder coated (heat resistant)
Easy to use and easy to clean
BBQ Tools included : ash poker and grate scrapper
In stock!

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